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George Orwell said, "A person receiving charity always hates his benefactor."

Henry Ford in his own inimitable style said, "Capital punishment is as fundamentally wrong as a cure for crime as charity is wrong as a cure for poverty.”

Charity is the bane of a developing country and a means for the more privileged to clear their conscience. According to us, charity as a concept and as a process is redundant, counter-productive and irrelevant. It is regressive by nature since it pushes the beneficiaries into dependence. Charity has to be result oriented, which it unfortunately is not in many cases. Our experience has been that the kind of charity being followed today, and much of what goes in the name of social work, is essentially a means to compile reports to show how much is being done, by how many people, for how many beneficiaries, without a call-to-action for the future. According to us, this is doing nothing but fooling both stakeholders - the beneficiaries and the benefactors.

We want to turn beneficiaries into benefactors.

Watch a wonderful video by Dan Pallotta on what is wrong with the word 'charity' and how the non profit sector can and should be looked at for a visible and substantial difference for the causes that they are working for.

Dan Pallotta - TED TalkWhispering Wishes Foundation is addressing this situation. We do not have the resources to change the world, and we never will. But we can change one situation at a time. One day at a time. One child at a time. One person at a time.

Whispering Wishes Foundation is formed under Section 25 of the Companies Act, and by law we are considered an NGO, an organisation involved in charity work. We would rather be known as an organisation that makes wishes come true.

OTA Survival School trains people in the art of survival in cases of disasters and calamities. Natural disasters and calamities are very frequent in India and it takes hours and days for help and rescue to arrive. It is in those initial hours and days, before relief and rescue arrives, the people need to know what to do to survive.

Every country should respect and honour their soldiers. More so the soldiers who have laid down their lives defending the integrity and sovereignty of the motherland. The Chimes of Honour Project does exactly that. It is today a virtual Martyrs Memorial; hopefully it will grow to erect an actual memorial on the ground some day.

India is at the top of the global list of countries as far as road accident victims are concerned. Many people die because bystanders, who are ther first at the scene, do not know what to do to save the victim. The Samaritans form part of the First Responders and assist road accident victims before they can be evacuated to a medical facility for treatment.

Children are essentially the same all over the world. The deprived ones roll up string to make a football, while the privileged buy a branded one. If you have ever heard the sound of a child's laughter you will agree that it is infectious, regardless which part of the world, or which strata of society the child may come from. And all children have dreams and wishes. Wishes of an actual football. Wishes of a doll that closes its eyes when laid on its back. Wishes of visiting a zoo. Wishes of riding a train. Wishes of having an ice cream. Wishes of a better tomorrow. And sadly, some wish they had a limb like the rest of us. Or a home to call their own. At least a parent. At Whispering Wishes Foundation we want to make some of these wishes come true. One wish at a time. Through the Forgotten Smiles Project.

According to some estimates there are nearly 20 million street children in India, who have no access to education or healthcare and are repeatedly subjected to exploitation and violence. India has the largest global population of child labourers, some statistics put it at around 60 million. Every day is a battle for survival for them. There are children born to sex workers and they face their own special nightmares. There are children abandoned at birth. Children who have faced rape and other kinds of violence and abuse. The numbers are mind boggling and the task enormous. Fortunately there are quite a few organisations reaching out to better the condition of these children.