Whispering Wishes Foundation focuses on a single goal - making wishes come true. And our experience shows that the constituents we focus on have very small demands, their wishes are quite easy to fulfill. Unfortunately many of them, particularly children, have been too used to being denied even the most basic wishes, that even the hope of wishing for something diminishes over time. We may not be able to do much to alleviate their suffering or position in society, but we sure can try and make one moment in their lives worthwhile.

As an organisation we like to work directly with individuals themselves. This is primarily for two reasons:

  1. It gives us immense satisfaction every time we see the glorious unadulterated smile on their faces, and
  2. this way we can control overheads and ensure that the maximum amount of money generated towards this cause is utilised for the purpose for which it was raised.

We too have overheads, and these are met from a portion of the donations received and funds raised. However, we try and ensure that no more than 20% of the amount received is spent on overheads and administrative expenses.


There are three specific stakeholders that we are focussing on currently -

  1. those martyred in war and war-like situations through Chimes of Honour
  2. travellers, adventurers and general public on imbibing the SAFETY FIRST concept through the OTA Survival School
  3. Victims of disasters, calamities and road accidents through The Samaritans
  4. Our fourth initiative (AngoraGaon Skill Development Centre) targeted at rural women artisans will commencesoon


Many associates of Whispering Wishes Foundation come from a travel/adventure/Forces background. And over the years it has been seen that this wonderful planet we call home has been methodically polluted with garbage and trash, thus choking this planet. We are consciously trying to encourage inculcating the values of keeping the planet clean through the Cash for Trash programme.
We are also building up the infrastructure to run the Forgotten Smiles project - an effort to grant wishes to as many underserved children as possible.
OTA Survival School The Samaritans
AngoraGain Skill Development Centre Cash for Trash Forgotten Smiles


Whispering Wishes Foundation looks out for committed individuals and organisations that would like to associate with us with the intention of granting wishes and not with the purpose of "looking socially good" or to avail of tax benefits. Whispering Wishes Foundation exists for a purpose and we like to associate with individuals and organisations who share our belief, purpose, passion and interest