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It has been repeated over generations, and every child learn this, "If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish you feed him for a lifetime".

We at Whispering Wishes Foundation entirely agree. But there is a caveat to this as far as our thinking goes. While the man is learning how to fish, he still needs to eat. We definitely and most certainly would like to see our beneficiaries self-sustained and economically independent. But this is a process that takes time. And in the journey towards self sufficiency, they need our support. Not help, but support. Join us in supporting these individuals on their journey towards independence and self reliance.

We want to turn beneficiaries into benefactors.

Some of our projects require a long term commitment to bring about change, while others require immediate intervention.

Our two flagship projects are OTA Survival School and Chimes of Honour.

OTA Survival School aims at a more self-reliant citizenry who know how to take care of themselves in case of a natural calamity or disaster, to effect self rescue or at least till such time as rescue parties arrive.

Chimes of Honour is a virtual memorial to martyrs who have laid down their lives since Independence. Unfortunately even after nearly 70 years of Independence, India does not have a Memorial to fallen soldiers. Chimes of Honour is an attempt to correct this injustice.

The Samaritans form part of the First Response Team. We cannot wait for donations to come in, and this is where the corpus comes handy. Holding the hands of those who have lost all in floods or earthquakes, cloudbursts or mudslides, terrorist attacks or road rage. The crucial hours where there is frustration and panic, despair and uncertainty, these are time The Samaritans reach out to lend a helping hand.

Another of our focus areas is on protecting child rights.

→ Their right to education.
→ Their right to healthcare.
→ Their right not to be exploited.
→ Their right of protection from violence of all kinds.

Unfortunately child rights are far from being ensured. There are thousands of children who have never seen the inside of a school. Thousands more suffer needlessly due to the lack of proper medical attention, vaccination or intervention in case of disease. Many continue to work in sweat shops for meagre pay, despite laws to the contrary. And sadly, violence towards children takes many unfortunate forms - emotional, mental, physical. Violence brought about by war, abuse and conflict. Innocence is the victim in many of these cases. And this is where you can reach out and bring a smile by fulfilling the wish of someone less fortunate than you.

There are literally thousands of wishes waiting to be fulfilled.

Each wish is unique. And YOU can grant it. Is the wish that tugs your heart too much for you to grant independently? Contribute to a corpus and leave it to us to pool multiple grants to fulfill such wishes. If, on the other hand, you would like to grant more than one wish, feel free to do so. There might be children you know who you would like to help, or a village you would like to adopt. Why not tell us about them and we will join you in fulfilling the wish.

This is a continuing exercise and we wish that one day all wishes will be fulfilled and we will be out of a job.

Be the silver lining in the dark cloud that shadows the lives of so many Indians. Grant a wish and pledge to make a million smiles bloom.

You can support Whispering Wishes Foundation in a number of ways. It costs us to train our volunteers and to equip them with the minimum gear and equipment. And this cost is met entirely through the goodness of the heart of donors, both individual and corporate. You can contribute to the cause by donating your money.

You can contribute in kind by donating the First Aid Kits and Survival Kits for the volunteers, toys and games for children, etc.

You can donate ambulances. India is woefully short of ambulances and we are working towards a day when there will patient transport ambulances placed in every colony and one Mobile ICUs for every dozen Patient Transport Ambulances. You can donate these mobile medical facilities.

All donations to Whispering Wishes Foundation are eligible for tax deductions under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. You can donate by:

1. Wire transferring the money to our Bank Account. The details are as follows:

Beneficiary Whispering Wishes Foundation
Bank ICICI Bank
Branch South Extension, New Delhi
Current Account No 664205600016


2. By sending us a cheque or Demand Draft to

Whispering Wishes Foundation
I-1710 Chittaranjan Park
New Delhi 110019