The need for good governance

Over the past many years there has been a growing disillusionment among citizens of the world about the lack of ethics, morals and values among its ruling political class. A few years ago, the Right to Information Act was passed in India, making it possible for the ordinary citizen to question the Government. But what about us? The ordinary citizen? It takes two hands to clap. If we accuse some individuals of being corrupt, it is because of us who tempt them with the offer of corruption.

At Whispering Wishes Foundation we consciously and deliberately try and be as transparent in our dealings as possible. We are operating in this space because of our ardent wish to share some of our privileges with those who do not have them.

Source of funds

Wishes cost money to fulfill. And a major part of Whispering Wishes function is to raise enough funds to be able to fulfill as many wishes as we possibly can. The entire source of funds of Whispering Wishes comes from donations from individuals and organisations. The amount of donation does not have either a minimum or maximum limit, one rupee is as good as a million.

Our Balance Sheet will be available on this site, free for anyone to inspect.